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About Rhodes island Greece

   Capital of the Dodecanese, the southernmost string of Greek islands, Rhodes is one of the Mediterranean’s most popular destinations.
   In addition to endless sandy beaches, good hiking, lively tavernas and great nightlife, Rhodes stays warm well into November, a boon for avoiding summer crowds.
   Indeed, spring and fall are ideal for exploring Rhodes` rich collection of historic sites and monuments, which bring Greek history alive in microcosm, from the ruins of Classical temples to Crusader castles and towns and Ottoman mosques.


   The city of Rhodes 'Rodos', today a busy cruise ship, yacht and ferry port, is a 14th century Crusader city that was largely restored by the Italians between 1912 and 1943. One of the finest examples of Crusader military architecture in the world, the town is a World Heritage Site.

Old Town gate

   Indeed, stepping through one of the 11 gates in the medieval Gothic walls, one feels instantly transported to the days when towns were safe only behind high walls towers and massive gates locked against marauders.
   Cobbled streets and narrow alleys, thoroughfares of commerce now as then, present a busy bazaar of small shops where traditional crafts, such as fine lace and line, are still produced.


   Mandraki Harbor, linking old and new towns, is flanked by bronze statues of a doe and a stag, where the Colossus of Rhodes was once believed to have stood.
   One of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Colossus of Rhodes was a gigantic statue of Helios the sun god, erected in the harbor in 293 BC to commemorate Rodos`10-year resistance to a Macedonian siege.

Acropolis of Rhodes, Theater

   West of town, the Acropolis of Rhodes (St. Stephen’ s hill) offers panoramic views over town and coast. Named for an English admiral who kept watch here for Napoleon`s fleet in 1802,it is also the site of a 3rd century BC Hellenistic city, with a stadium, acropolis odeon and ruins of temples to Apollo, Athena and Zeus.

   Rhodes, being a pioneer tourism destination in Greece and with the privilege of operating two schools of tourism professions and one of official guides has been distinguished in the quality of services rendered to tourists.

   This quality, as well as the island itself, with a variety of worth seeing places, contributed to the development of alternative forms of tourism and mainly that of conferences and incentives.

   Every year Rhodes holds successfully an all increasing number of conferences, among them some very important ones, like the European Summit, the Meeting of West European Union, XVI World Congress of the ISHR (2.500 participants), etc

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