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Greek Food - Recipe: Theepless

Honey dipped fried batter.

1 Pinch Cinnamon (To taste)
4 Whole Egg
4 Cup Flour (Self-rising)
2 Cup Honey
1 Whole Lemons (Rinded)
2 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 1/4 Cup Sugar
  • Place the flour in a big, deep bowl.
  • Mound the flour and make an opening in the middle.
  • Meanwhile, beat eggs with the sugar, lemon rind and oil.
  • Place the egg mixture in the opening and knead the dough until firm.
  • Divide the dough equally many times and roll each division into thin pieces.
  • Cut the pieces in triangle sections.
  • Heat the oil well, and stick the dough strips in the hot oil one by one.
  • Quickly, using two large forks roll each strip of dough in a cylindrical shape and cook the pieces until golden brown.
  • Take them out, and place somewhere to cool.
  • Heat the honey with one cup of sugar until boiling.
  • Spoon out the froth that forms, and lather the ready theepless with the honey syrup, and sprinkle cinnamon and walnuts as a garnish.

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