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Greek Food - Recipe: Aginares me Hortarika

  Aginares me Hortarika
Artichokes with vegetables

12 Whole Artichokes
2-3 Medium Carrots (Thickly Cut)
2-3 Tablespoon Dill
1 Tablespoon Flour
2-3 Whole Green Onions (Thickly Cut)
2-3 Whole Lemons (Juiced)
1 Cup Olive Oil
1-2 Pinch Pepper (To Taste)
3-4 Medium Potatoes (Thickly Cut)
2-3 Pinch Salt (To Taste)
  • Clean the artichokes well, remove the coarser outer leaves and cut off the tips of the rest of the leaves, then remove the fuzz.
  • Place them in a container with water and half the lemon juice (to keep them from turning brown).
  • Lightly saute the vegetables in oil for a few minutes and add the artichokes, salt and pepper.
  • Beat the remaining lemon juice with some water and add the flour.
  • Mix into the pan with the artichokes and vegetables.
  • Cook on low heat for about an hour.
  • May be served warm or cold.

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